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Back to School Days: A Journey of Excitement and Preparation!

As the summer draws to a close, the anticipation for the new school year reaches its peak. At MGHS, we have designated three exciting back-to-school days, each tailored to specific grade levels. All our students, from freshmen to seniors will embark on a journey of getting photos taken, purchasing essential items, exploring the school, reconnecting with friends, and signing up for exciting clubs like Boosters!

  1. Freshmen Day: Monday, August 28 - A-L: 9:30-11:30 M-Z: 12:30-2:30 A Warm Welcome To High School: For our incoming freshmen, Monday is a day filled with excitement and a touch of nervousness. It's an opportunity for them to familiarize themselves with the school before the upperclassmen arrive. On this day, freshmen can get their photos taken for their student IDs, purchase their ASB cards, yearbooks, and even grab a cozy new hoodie for the upcoming chilly mornings. They'll also receive their schedules and take a self-guided tour of the school, allowing them to locate their classrooms and feel more at ease on their first official day.

  2. Sophomore Day: Tuesday, August 29 - A-L: 9:30-11:30 M-Z: 12:30-2:30 Embracing the Journey: As the sophomores step into their second year of high school, Tuesday is their day to shine. They, too, will have the chance to get their photos taken, purchase their ASB cards, yearbooks, and grab some stylish hoodies. With a year of experience under their belts, sophomores can confidently navigate the school, reconnect with friends they haven't seen over the summer and explore new opportunities. This day also presents an excellent opportunity for sophomores to sign up for clubs, including the exciting Boosters club, which supports our school's athletic teams and events.

  3. Junior & Senior Day: Wednesday, August 30 - Seniors: 9:30-11:30 Juniors: 12:30-2:30 Leaders of the Pack: On Wednesday, the upperclassmen take center stage. Juniors and seniors, the leaders of our school, will have their turn to get their photos taken, purchase their ASB cards, yearbooks, and cozy hoodies. With their familiarity with the school, juniors and seniors can focus on connecting with friends, catching up on summer adventures, and preparing for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. This day is also an ideal time for them to sign up for clubs, including Boosters, where they can contribute their skills and passion to support our school's athletic programs.

As we embark on these three back-to-school days, the excitement and energy in the air are palpable. From freshmen to seniors, each grade level has its unique experiences and preparations. Whether it's getting your photo taken, purchasing essential items, exploring the school, reconnecting with friends, or signing up for clubs like Boosters, these days are filled with opportunities to make new memories and set the tone for an incredible school year. So, let's embrace the journey together, support one another, and make the most of these back-to-school das as we embark on another chapter of growth, learning, and camaraderie!

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