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Boosters Meeting Tonight: Join Us In Supporting MGHS Students & Teams!

Hello MGHS community!

We hope this blog post finds you well and excited for the upcoming boosters meeting tonight, October 9th, at 6:00 PM in the C Building Commons. We cannot stress enough the importance of attending these meetings, as they play a vital role in supporting our students and teams at MGHS.

Here are some key reasons why you should make it a priority to join us tonight:

1. Fundraiser Kickoff with Cherrydale: Tonight, we will be launching our exciting fundraiser with Cherrydale! Attending the meeting will give you the opportunity to learn more about this fundraiser and how you can contribute to its success. Your support will directly benefit our students and their various activities.

2. Annual Auction/Cornhole Tournament Plans: We have some exciting plans for our annual auction and cornhole tournament, and tonight's meeting is the perfect platform to discuss and finalize these plans. Your input and ideas are invaluable in making these events a huge success.

3. Reminders and New Information: Stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates regarding upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and important dates. Attending the boosters meeting ensures that you are well-informed and can plan accordingly.

4. Thank You Cards: Boosters has purchased thank you cards for your team to use however you need. We will explain more tonight.

5. Website, Online Order Updates, Credit Card Readers, GGBC App, and More: We will be discussing important technological advancements and updates, such as improvements to our website, online ordering systems, and credit card readers. These updates will streamline our operations and make it easier for everyone to contribute and support our students.

6. Prize Drawing for $50 for Your Team: As a token of appreciation for attending the meeting, we will be conducting a prize drawing where one lucky attendee will win $50 for their team! Your presence could be the key to winning this exciting prize.

7. Supporting MGHS Students, Teams, Band, and Grad Night: Ultimately, the most important reason to attend the boosters meeting is to show your unwavering support for our students, teams, band, and grad night. By actively participating in these meetings, you contribute to the success and well-being of our entire MGHS community.

We cannot emphasize enough how crucial your presence is at tonight's boosters meeting. Your involvement and support make a significant difference in the lives of our students and teams. Together, let's create a thriving and supportive environment for our MGHS community.

See you tonight at 6:00 PM in the C Building Commons!

Warm regards,

Your Booster Club Board

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